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How do you stay motivated to learn and progress?

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In the thread below, tell us how you stay motivated to learn and progress.

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yuridevat profile image
π•π•¦π•π•šπ•’ πŸ‘©πŸ»β€πŸ’»

I stay motivated because I have kind of a clear goal where I want to be in the next months / next year. And only consistency is the key to achieve my dreams.

kithminiii profile image

Sometimes, I get tired and feels like I don't want to do it anymoe likewise. But I stay motivated cauz, I want to achieve my targets. Everything I want to do depends on my career. Therefore I stay motivated.πŸ™Šβ€‹πŸ€­β€‹

maulik profile image

Loving the work I do keeps me motivated and I think getting bored is also ok, it motivates you do something new and explore other interesting areas.

anamonteiro430 profile image
Ana Monteiro

Understanding that each day I learn at least one more thing which helps my personal journey. Also documenting everything that I'm learning so I can see the progress I'm making.

anyanka profile image
  • watching Tutorials for things above my skills to see what I can do if I learn and practice more
  • pick projects that are about topics I like or find really useful

But all in all I struggle with motivation and hope Codeland helps a bit :)

teniola profile image
Teniola Olowookere

I resonate heavily with the watching tutorials of things that are above my skills part. It makes me more motivated; more like an adrenaline rush?

anyanka profile image

Yeah exactly! Maybe it's because of the overexcited techno music people use in the background as well. 😁

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teniola profile image
Teniola Olowookere

Yes 🀣🀣 It gets me all excited and bubbly!

dallasviars profile image
Dallas Viars

Knowing that my success in learning and gaining employment as a developer will help improve the quality of life for my family keeps me motivated. The times where it is hard to focus on new things I try to help people solve their coding problems. It's such a fun and satisfying activity (I also love problem solving in general).

hola_soy_milk profile image
RamΓ³n Huidobro

I try to remember that when I'm stuck, taking a break is critical to unlock my brain and let background information processing take place :)

lellis09 profile image
Lishia Ellis

I stay motivated by looking at my two children and trying to provide a better life for them. I want to become the best software developer I can be so that I can give them the best.

itsnatalye profile image

Practicing, codecademy classes, and youTube tutorials

theoriginalbpc profile image
Sarah Dye

Having a strong why. One of the things I've learned is that a strong why makes it possible to tolerate any how something that is thrown my way.

Another thing that helps me stay motivated is just listening to podcast interviews from other devs. When I need a motivation boost, I listen to an episode of CodeNewbie. Hearing other devs talk about their stories and what it took to get them where they are now reminds me that I can do it.

Then there's listening to an fun song or music you like. My favorite motivation music is the Wonder Woman theme. The score always gets me motivated and ready to tackle anything that comes my way.

dulyaaa profile image
Dulya Perera

Exactly, listen to the dev podcasts help lot to stay motivatedπŸ’†β€β™€οΈ.

ielibazz profile image
Elijah Ishaku

Well said, a strong why reminds of what makes everything worth it and you keep moving no matter what

adiatiayu profile image
Ayu Adiati

Always remind myself to take break and not bite off more than I can chew πŸ™‚

asbourlotos profile image
Alexander Bourlotos

I am employed as a dev but I wouldn't say that I'm doing anything currently that makes me feel fulfilled in life. Not just for myself, but I'd like to put value into the most time consuming part of my day. I want to be able to be proud of the things I do so I can talk with confidence and pride to others that show interest.

Learning new things always fills me with a sense of accomplishment, so I keep doing it!

amaraee profile image

I follow some web developers on YouTube and IG as well. Watching videos of them solve problems encourages to solve mine

peaceudoka profile image
Azubuogu Peace Udoka

When I think about life after bachelors degree, and considering where I come from, it motivates me to keep going to make a better life for myself and my family.

mariessad profile image
mariessad • Edited

I have to break into tech to live the life I want! So I am motivated because to me there are no other options. I have to work hard and keep going to reach my goal of getting my first Developer role, and then continue on learning forever because that is the life of a Dev.

ALSO, it's important to take breaks so you don't burn yourself out! There is seemingly a never-ending amount of things to learn, take your time. Progress happens with slow and steady work over time.