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CodeNewbie Writers of the Month β€” September 2021

The CodeNewbie Writers of the Month Awards is a monthly "awards ceremony" here on CodeNewbie Community where we showcase three standout writers from the month before. These three folks authored posts that our judges deemed particularly helpful to the community last month. We announce the award-winners during the first week of each month. Thanks to all of you for your fantastic contributions to this space! ❀️

In no particular order, here are the winners of the CodeNewbie Writers of the Month Awards for September 2021...

Estee Tey (@lyqht) β€” "How I started Technical Writing"

No one path to a career in the field of software development looks the same β€” and there are so many jobs within the industry beyond "developer". That's why we love this article by Estee that shares a glimpse into how they became a technical writer β€” including both highs and lows!

Eleftheria Batsou (@batsouelef) β€” "How a Shy, Introvert Dev, With Anxiety Issues Spoke at 2 Conferences"

Huge kudos to Eleftheria for sharing a candid look inside the experience of the PACKED speaking schedule of a self-described shy introverted software developer. Super inspiring!

Dolamu Asipa (@dolamu) β€” "5 Essential Terms for a Code Newbie"

As a CodeNewbie, you are probably exposed to hundreds of new terms on a regular basis β€” The learning never stops! That said, there are a few terms to get a good foundational definition of early on. These are the ones!

Congrats to our CodeNewbie Writers of the Month! Keep up the great work and you might just be on next month's list of top authors!

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gracie profile image
Gracie Gregory (she/her)

I know this is a little belated, but I wanted to be sure to congratulate you @lyqht , @batsouelef , & @dolamu for being chosen as our top authors of September, 2021!

lyqht profile image
Estee Tey

wow I didn't realize I was a top author for September 2021. Thank you so much Gracie πŸ₯°

dolamu profile image
Dolamu Asipa

Thank you so much, this is a surprise!

batsouelef profile image
Eleftheria Batsou

Thank you so much for this @graciegregory16 !!