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From Front Desk to Front End p. 19

I am digging into my new job as Enrollment Counselor with Skillcrush, and it is so exciting to be working in a concerted effort with some really cool folks in order to provide so many resources and growth opportunities for my fellow students (including our prospective community)!

I'm enjoying getting back into the groove of learning React with Skillcrush as a student! I'm doing sessions that are about half what they used to be, because I'm not on as urgent a timeline being under the pressure of needing a different job than the one I had, but also want to make steady and meaningful progress.

Tuesdays are currently going to be my busiest days at work, so I've decided to start posting on Weds!
~I'm also going to temporarily suspend my 3-week deep dives for now, with the intention of providing some more polished versions of the topics I'd like to go over in the future~

Hi I'm Tauri, PREVIOUSLY a Front Desk Admin from an acupuncture clinic in San Diego, Cali and an aspiring Front End Developer!

This is a continuation of my series studying Front End Development thru a bootcamp with Skillcrush and utilizing many amazing resources across the internet like Front End Mentor and LinkedIn Learning and many many articles!

Right now I'm learning the React library for Javascript!

I hope you find content here that you can relate to and that inspires you to keep learning and growing. {:

Thank you for reading! 🌈

Wednesday 11/2/22

I learned about Lifecycle Methods in React and practiced saving state to local storage and pulling it when the UI is reloaded!
🌺 Destress Activity: Watched Wardruna perform in my hometown, always amazing!!

Thursday 11/3/22

Completed my Nametag app by adding lifecycle methods to allow a user to save their tags to local storage, and for my app to pull that data every time the app mounts! Bazoom!
Took a queez.
🌺 Destress Activity: Home spa treatments

Friday 11/4/22

Started learning how to visualize the Virtual Dom when React is managing components, and downloaded Chrome DevTools in order to investigate the components and props being passed around on
🌺 Destress Activity: I went to the opera with my friend who surprised me with an extra ticket, my first time! We saw El último sueño de Frida y Diego and it was beautiful!

Monday 11/7/22

I took two quizzes on visualizing the virtual dom and on using React DevTools, then began to learn about Presentational and Container Components and I am just so happy that React code is broken up this way.
I started toodling with connecting the font styles of my landing page, felt good to get a little work done on that project again!
🌺 Destress Activity: My partner and I have been socializing a lot lately so we enjoyed 'catching up' on a lot of tv tonight and loafing

Tuesday 11/8/22

This was a long day of work and learning at work.'m going to take a break on Tuesdays. :)
🌺 Destress Activity: Eve walk with my love_

Wednesday 11/9/22

I learned about presentational and container components and their use in Mari Kondo-ing your code (she loves containers)! To pace thru our understanding we walked thru and example of decomposing a color palette app, and I added the code myself (figuring out if codesandboxes share well in this new CodeSandbox Projects) to import in the components of the main UI and render them.
🌺 Destress Activity: More walking, we love it and helps force me to enjoy how dark the evenings are now_

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