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From Front Desk to Front End p.8

Wednesday 8/10/22

Feeling very sluggish and hot today. ☀️ ☀️ ☀️ Thankfully we're getting new ceiling fans installed on Friday throughout the house!!!
I learned about objects and properties today and took goods notes while doing my code along.
Took a quiz to reinforce my learning.
Worked through this challenge to practice dot notation..
🌺 Destress Activity: Ate another cool fresh dragon fruit my partner grew in the backyard and watched extra TV like Netflix's Flavorful Origins and FX's What We Do in the Shadows

Thursday 8/11/22

More heat, so hawt! ☀️
I added methods and conditionals in this exercise to call in celebratory classes for when my weekly studying is greater than weekly study goals.
And that was all I got done today before going down for a nap!
🌺 Destress Activity: Faceplant on bed

Friday 8/12/22

Fans got installed today in an all day multi-room construction event! So I was displaced from my office and running from my laptop, and still very hot all day.

And debugged this basic fitness tracker..
Then I watched this overview of CSS Grid by Kevin Powell and it was so helpful! 🎆 I was missing something fundamental when understanding how Grid makes for great responsive layouts: once the grid is established with display: grid;, the mobile styles ARE the HTML layouts in their natural state, which is a stacked column. THEN all assignments to the grid are done in media queries for the remainder. This is why I'm a big fan of listening to multiple sources of information when it comes to digesting complex information! Because of course this information has been presented to me in my lessons, and I can observe this in the exercise I was using as a template for myself. But when I was learning chemistry at UCSD, and botany from a field professional, I learned that complex information gets absorbed in LAYERS and big concepts are best presented to your brain a few times, ideally in a different way. You'll pick up a lot the first time, then having all that absorbed will allow you to pick up even more on later exposures.
Overall, spending 30 mins of my study time to watch this overview was well worth it. This will really help me when approaching my simple grid challenge with Front End Mentor!
🌺 Destress Activity: Ate dinner out with friends

Monday 8/15/22

Today I learned about factory function and took these notes in a code along to learn how to apply them and how to use and for...of loops to access them.
I took a quiz on factory functions, and started this challenge to create multiple pet objects for a pet store and update their status, but switched to tinkering with my Front End Mentor project for only 15 mins, but I was able to get the responsive grid layout functioning just like I want! Now to tweak to style!
🌺 Destress Activity: Neighborhood walk with my partner

Tuesday 8/16/22

I got time off to go to a short virtual career fair today! I was able to learn a lot about the employers that they featured, but I find it difficult to network in settings where there is one presentation and everyone is talking in one big chat so I mostly treated it as an information session aside from putting myself out there in the chat a few times. Next time I'll definitely have some general questions for the presenting employers in my pocket, it's been a little bit of a crazy week so today I was drawing a blank. When it comes to networking, it's def too tenuous to rely on whether or not eloquence will strike!
I worked on some more exercises for factory functions including finishing the pet status updater for a pet shop and I started setting up this car repair shop which will indicate the status of vehicles getting repaired.
Learned some basic things about drop shadow from W3 schools and started to mess with that in my Front End Mentor grid project, and I styled the button so things are spiffing up.
🌺 Destress Activity: Hollow Knight :videogame: We are getting deep!

That brings me to 2 months of solid blogging!!! ❇️
Next week for my 3-week round-up I'll talk more about what keeps me motivated and coding everyday!

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Dennis Tobar

Annnndddd.... hello (again).

I lost some weeks because real life was tough (my younger son was sick at home :sad:). Nice to see TWO MONTHS (insert wow meme) from starting your journey.

Creating your professional network could be a little frustrating because the developer market seems "over-occupied", but the reality is "we need more hands to create our apps!". I recommend that newcomers not create a portfolio or "own brand" because it wastes time and resources: try to improve your skills, and follow blogs and Youtube channels to learn, understand and share ideas about your work. Keep in mind: your first work could be a surprise or a contact from someone in your courses :)

Stay cool; here (in Chile), we are in winter: it's cold some days in others not at all...

Keep going. See you tomorrow (?????) in a new update from your journey :)

taurist profile image
Tauri StClaire

Hi @dennistobar, so good to hear from you again! I'm so sorry hear about your son! I hope he's feeling better! 🌅

Thank you so much for the support and advice regarding networking in this field! It can be very discouraging, but I generally know better than to be scared away by crowds!

And thank you for the advice regarding portfolios. I think there's a lot that can be shown in one place in a portfolio so want to take advantage of it that way: a place to showcase my learning. But I agree that spending too much time making the portfolio itself flashy is not time well spent when my goal is to be a good front end! 💪