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From Front Desk to Front End p.7

Wednesday 8/3/22

Codesandbox isn't working for me again today shakes fist which may be an extension of the issues that seem to have been affecting others and will hopefully be quickly resolved, but it is certainly making it hard to learn new things.
It just read "cons" out of console.log and was like "undefined" and freaked out. So I talked with one of the teaching assistants at Skillcrush about how I could start viewing the Console with local repos, and turns out I can use DevTools!
CodeSandbox having a hard time)
Took a min setting up my files correctly and learning how the console works in DevTools, but pretty stoked! And soso happy to be manipulating the Command Line directly again.
Did just a little more practice with loops and arrays, paying extra attention to putting notation in now that functions are getting trickier bc I will most definitely be referring to my own repos for review.
And I added my HTML elements and CSS selectors to my grid component from Front End Mentor component as well as the fonts. Took me longer than I would've liked bc I tripped myself up not committing my gh-pages changes thru correctly and needing to resolve a conflict (IMMEDIATELY realized what was happening bc of past flukes).
But ya know, I had to do a lot of retyping after deciding CodeSandBox was failing and doing the exercises again, and reviewing of my initial code as I resolved the conflict, and it's just more practice y'all!
🎧 Flow Jams: Garbage
🌺 Destress Activity: Read more prep materials for my D&D campaign 🐉

Thursday 8/4/22:

So I was able to complete 3/4 of the challenges and practice I set out to do on loops and arrays today. One held me up for a second bc I freaked out over the hashtags when checking against the solution code like "what are those doing??" before a teaching assistant was so kind as to point out that they were just creating a "#1" effect for me...
This one is still confusing me and has to do with indexing and filtering out specific items in an index by setting limitations with numbers but the arguments are strings, my little bebe JS brain has to take more time to grock this better in a Q&A which I schedd for next Tue. I did not know how to approach the challenge set out for me, glanced at the solution code, and am just am not sure what exactly is happening there. Times like this make are difficult to create searches for when you're still learning and just don't even know WHAT to ask, so I am happy to be part of program with extra support. I'm going to move on bc sometimes learning later material clarifies.
And I slapped together this puppy with barely a blink after reading the instructions so that was gratifying.
I didn't have anytime to spend on my Front End Mentor project today which is a bummer.
🎧 Flow Jams: Wardruna
🌺 Destress Activity: Hollow Knight 🎮 and hot shower

Friday 8/5/22

I did more practice with loops today by filtering groceries that include the letter "S" out of a list. I also started to learn about scope and context, and I graduated from "var" to "let" and "const" woohoo! I coded along with the lesson in order to introduce the value property, and the createElement and append functions. Then I started this exercise to make a guest list and learned how to clear the input woohoo.
I spent 30 minutes on my Front End Mentor project starting to add the font and background styles and I tested it out with a Flex row wrap which actually worked out surprisingly well, but I'm excited to try it out with grid instead!
🎧 Lofi beats to study to on Youtube
🌺 Hollow Knight 🎮

Saturday 8/6/22

I usually don't use my computer at all on the weekends, bc brunch plans, leisurely hikes, and dinner plans takeover. Occasionally we decide to spend some time working on our creative projects, and sometimes that means reading and crafting but sometimes that means working in the office. So I did a little extra coding today!
Got some assistance to find a typo in the exercise I did yesterday..
And finished this Guest List, maxed at 8 people with classes called in to signal you can't add anymore people and auto-clear on the input. I refactored the code to make it more modular in a separate branch then merged it once everything was okie dokie. Working on adding a randomized potluck dish assigner next!!! Exciting stuff!
🎧 Lofi beats to study to on Spotify

Monday 8/8/22

I added a random potluck recipe assigner to the guest list from yesterday. I very carefully looked over all of my code three times before finally finding the typo. I had tried to append the new list of assigned dishes, whoops!
And added a function to display the smallest and largest expense in a list of expenses.
I realized I had put in font styles based on desktop layout so put in mobile styles (of course should have copy-pasted the rest into my media query but didn't think of that until afterwards...) and added the finishing span class touches to my Front End project until I'm happy with them, now fully cleared to start cracking into the layout and I found a good template for me to start with from past lessons on grid. (20 mins)
🎧 Lofi beats to study to on Spotify (going to be playlist from now on just so I don't have to use any energy choosing music for the session so this section is now discontinued for now!)
🌺 Sushi date night with my partner!

Tuesday 8/9/22

I asked for some feedback on the potluck guest list and dish assigner because I was struggling to understand the exact purpose of a specific function, and Lisa came to the rescue again with a great explanation so that it clicked for me. I added the explanation in the notes for the exercise for me to reference later and anyone else learning with me to benefit from.
Javascript is taking me longer than I thought, and Skillcrush has lots of great additional practice that I am fully taking advantage of. There is a hiring fair I hope to make it to in September so it's tempting to just increase my workload. I COULD learn more each day bc it IS fun for me, but not without exchanging my workouts and/or the time I have to make healthy meals plus I know that slow and steady is the way to win the race so I'm taking a breath and just taking my time to learn this all properly bc that's what's most important.
Did a Q&A today with Lisa regarding an exercise where I got the proper results and could just tra la la again but I WANT TO UNDERSTAND so I asked her to break it down for me as she's so good at. She helped me first to just understand WHAT it was I was having issues with when approaching how to grock this snippet of code:
`var index = array.indexOf(item);

if (index === -1) {
console.log(Sorry, no such item in this array.);
} else {
array.splice(index, 1);
console.log(Removing ${item});
First, in verbalizing my confusion to her, I figured out that I don't understand how
if (index === -1)` means the "if the item is not in the array" but she was able to reference our lesson on indexOf to remind me that this function responds "-1" if an item does not exist in an array so this is simply a different iteration of that. She also clarified that my next issue was regarding how splice can function with "index" as a position, so I Googled this until I found a StackOverflow answer specifically referencing using index as a position in order to remove an item and update the index. This all will definitely help me understand this function better ongoingly.
Teachers are such an undervalued resource, please use and thank your teachers today! Then thank yourself for being smart and utilizing your resources and connections because trust me, you'll go further with them than without!
Also practiced forEach loops, adding classes and HTML elements and appending with this music list display that I'll see if I can make shuffle later. Debugged this code to display a todo list.
Worked on my Front End Mentor project for another 30 minutes adding in the grid layout. Switched again to Desktop first just because it makes sense with the grid layout, but my mobile layout isn't working out right so gotta tinker with that more. Was wondering why some fonts looks grey but Figma is reading white, and I can see there's an effect listed called Drop Shadow in Figma so gotta look into that next, fun!
🌺 Ate a fresh dragon fruit grown by my partner in the yard and refrigerator, it is hot in SD! ☀️

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Lisa Savoie

This is such an awesome project Tauri! Recording your learning journey will definitely help others. And you're doing a fantastic job in your classes - so happy to hear how much you enjoy Skillcrush. ❣️

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Tauri StClaire

Thank you Lisa @twosavoie!! I really hope it'll continue to help others as I keep going! It helps me learn for sure by repeating all my harder earned lessons and helps keep me motivated 'cause I gotta have something to write today!