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Tauri StClaire
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From Front Desk to Front End p.11

Wednesday 8/31/22

I stayed late for work today at the request of my office manager, and it was a very hot and long day.
Read over all requirements for the final projects and I scribbled some very basic initial ideas for pseudocode in the margins.
🌺 Destress Activity: Long nap

Thursday 9/1/22

In my Guess the Word project(repo), I started linking variables to classes that I need to manipulate in HTML, added a function to hide the letters in the hidden word with ⚫s, and added started a function to grab input from the user and clear it. Learned that consoling out a loop over an array allows you to push out each letter individually, which is a useful grab.
For my FEM component grid(repo), I was advised by my peers to change the anchor element from inline to display: block and now I can adjust the margins, yaaay! That's what I needed to connect! 💥
🌺 Destress Activity: 🎮 Hollow Knight

Friday 9/2/22

Got a better grasp of box-shadow thru mdn web docs. I was confused about the x and y axis of drop shadow, so it was good to read confirmation that it's not so geometric as all that: negative y values set the shadow above the element. Good to know! I really wanted to create an excellent README so I took quite a bit of time on this! Here's my solution on FEM and the live site!
This is the last website I'm going to build from scratch! I'll be learning my way around Tailwind next before attempting a full landing page challenge! If you have any resources you love please send them my way. :) I asked for quite a bit of feedback tho so this isn't the last you'll see of this project. 💜
I continued an ongoing discussion with one of my fave Teacher's Assistants at Skillcrush regarding the differences between forEach() and for...of loop applications, and phew getting a sample for deeper JS discussions from this and my own research! 💦
🌺 Destress Activity: Neighborhood walk with my love

Monday 9/3/22

Happy Labor Day! I have plans with a pool and friends today, but wanted to make a little time for coding! But first I spent some time cropping another month of cover photos from "fractals" and "patterns" and "connections" Upsplash image searches.
I started to the function to validate input to my Guess the Word game to start the form validation.
🌺 Destress Activity: Pool party! 😎

Tuesday 9/4/22

I've decided to learn SASS as well before starting on Tailwind! I started watching an Essentials Training on SASS on LinkedIn Learning today, reviewed the exercises we're going to do and peaked around the various concepts to get revved up!
To my Guess the Word project(live site), I added a function to validate the input put in by the user as a letter, as just one letter, as no symbols or numbers or blanks thank you very much! I made an array for all of the letters the user guesses, and a function to collect all letters in that array and tell the user if they guessed it already. I called both of these functions in the button click procedure that initiates each guess. Whoop whoop!
Last week was all 90s ☀️🔥 but it's KINDA cooled down yesterday and today, so brain is chugging better. 🚋
🌺 Destress Activity: Twilight neighborhood walk with my love

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McKenna Bramble

Hi Tauri! Sound like you made some good progress in the last week! And congrats for getting to the Guess the Word project!!

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Tauri StClaire

Thank you @mckennabramble!! Werkin it! 💪👽