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Tauri StClaire
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From Front Desk to Front End p.20

Hi I'm Tauri, PREVIOUSLY a Front Desk Admin from an acupuncture clinic in San Diego, Cali and an aspiring Front End Developer!

This is a continuation of my series studying Front End Development thru a bootcamp called Skillcrush and utilizing many amazing resources across the internet like Front End Mentor and LinkedIn Learning and many many articles!

I am also now an Enrollment Counselor for Skillcrush, the most inclusive and affordable coding and design school on the internet with a job guarantee! 💪

I am primarily continuing to learn Front End Development (and will be studying Design with Skillcrush too!) for my own edification (and projects!) 💾

Right now I'm learning the React library for Javascript!

I hope you find content here that you can relate to and that inspires you to keep learning and growing. {:

Thank you for reading! 🌈

Thursday 11/10/22

I started to learn about Component Trees! This makes a lot of sense when combined with the previous lesson regarding presentational and container components. I just reviewed the study material today. :)
For my landing page, I was fiddling around with different ways to label my headings, and finally settled on declaring classes for each set of heading-properties described by the Design comp (and added one I realized was commonly used but not on the design doc).
🌺 Destress Activity: Home spa treatments

Friday 11/11/22

I started on my final project for the React unit, a Sticky Notes app! We were given the starter HTML and CSS, so I pulled in the JSX to show the styles of the UI.
🌺 Destress Activity: Resumed Legend of Mana, my fave retro game! 🎮

Monday 11/14/22

Broke my StickyNotes app into different components and took a quiz!
🌺 Destress Activity: Legend of mana 🎮

Wednesday 11/16/22

I did a lot with my Sticky Notes UI today! In order to manage the data flow I identified the parts of my UI that were going to be handling data, assigned state according to the data models I chose to represent the dynamic content, assigned data management to components by passing the necessary props around, and swapped in state and props to placehold for the static values! I an see myself building UIs like this for myself, like to collect recipes I like! After this I’ll be adding in Event Listeners and Handlers so I can take in user input!
🌺 Destress Activities: Check out fish at the aquarium supply store 🐠

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McKenna Bramble

Whoot on getting a lot done on the Sticky Notes! I am in the midst of reviewing react from the bottom up at the moment :) Legend of Mana looks v cute!

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Tauri StClaire

Thank you, finishing that app was very satisfying!! Yes,ninkove the graphics in Legend of Mana! But it is very clunky xD We just beat it this past week!