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From Front Desk to Front End p.16

Four months of blogging now! does the Running Man

This Mon started the virtual portion of the Lesbians Who Tech Pride Summit, my absolute favorite virtual networking event of the year and it has been wonderful so far!

This week in coding, I have been getting deep into React with Stateful Components (hooks to come later!) and began to tackle handling user input.

Hi I'm Tauri, a Front Desk Admin from an acupuncture clinic in San Diego, Cali and an aspiring Front End Developer!

This is a continuation of my series studying Front End Development thru a bootcamp with Skillcrush and utilizing many amazing resources across the internet like Front End Mentor and LinkedIn Learning and many many articles!

Right now I'm learning the React library for Javascript!

Every 3 weeks I do a deeper dive into a topic related to being a full time worker and bootcamp student!
Look forward to: Week 18 Minimizing stress and distractions while doing a code study session

I hope you find content here that you can relate to and that inspires you to keep learning and growing. {:

Thank you for reading! 🌈

Wednesday 10/5/22

I went over the process of rendering a data array again and realized I was misunderstanding/misidentifying the Callback Function!
Here's my refreshed breakdown of my Hotel Filter
Image description
🌺 Destress Activity: Twilight walk with my love

Thursday 10/6/22

Started to learn about Stateful Components! I mostly just rewatched the lesson a few times over and studied my notes. I had a shorter session today and had an appointment.
🌺 Destress Activity: Luigi's Mansion 🎮

Friday 10/7/22

Tried out CodeBox's new and updated Projects/Repositories(now) for pushing AND COMMITTING CHANGES directly to Github.
I updated a previous functional component light switch to be a stateful component.
Took a quiz on stateful components.
Finished adding HTML tags to my Front End Mentor landing page and pushed to GH Pages so I can start showing off the progress of the livesite.
🌺 Destress Activity: Visited a friend and her chickens

Monday 10/10/22

Getting used to using CodeSandBox to push to GitHub, so I didn't really make a clear initial commit in order to show my progress on converting my nametag app into a stateful component.
Piecing together stateful components has been really challenging for me! I am being patient tho bc I can feel it clicking together soon! But right now my I'm very fuzzy on all the module connections. So I make sure to put my eyes on all the different pieces and identify what's going on multiple times to make sure I know what's up!
🌺 Destress Activity: Prepared more D&D maps!

Tuesday 10/11/22

Today I cracked into handling user input! We reviewed and added a function to delete added nametags first, then began to update our component in order to accept user input. I am going through this very slowly and one bebe step at a time!
🌺 Destress Activity: Took a nap. Networking is challenging!

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McKenna Bramble

🐔🐔🐔 I want to have chickens so badly! Congrats on getting into React! After networking at LWT on tuesday and wednesday I just laid down to nap, too. I forgot how draining interacting with so many people can be! I was also looking at the CodeSandbox's new repository section, but haven't messed with it yet. Are you finding it more straightforward than what you were doing before?