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From Front Desk to Front End p. 10

Check out my amazing avatar! My stepdad Porter is a professional graphic artist and he made it for me per my many specifications! I have alternative frames with blinking stars to animate in JS for my portfolio. :D

My avatar of me driving a Marvin-the-Martian style ship using code

Wednesday 8/24/22

Feeling good today! I finished the exercise to choose users from an API, and I set it to adjust the amount displayed depending on the number chosen from a drop down.
And I brought in this hosted file as well with the async function, and looped over the data to display the "non-registered" students from the list.
This concludes my foundational lessons in JS, and I'll be reviewing everything I learned over the rest of the weekdays before starting my final projects for this unit, weeeee! ☀️
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Thursday 8/25/22

I was finally able to work on my FEM project again. I am having an overflow issue for my simple grid, and I asked the FEM for help to receive advice about using flex instead, or grid-area which I am happy to explore, but given I wanted to do this simple grid to exercise my understanding of grid-templates I’m asking everyone to bare with my choices.
I started reviewing all the fundamentals of JS I have learned up until this point today, started with the basic-basics. I reread all associated copy with the lessons, redid the quizzes, and looked over all my code along and exercise repos, and it was so good for me brain! I reviewed template literals and doing equations within placeholders and operators and the difference between ex. != and !==. I also observed the various ways of organizing data for conditionals with multiple conditions and outcomes, depending on how the data you are accessing is organized. Like time you almost always want your function to check in terms of sequence of time from 0-12 to evening, and other data you may organize simply by which has the biggest portion of the pie first. Mmm, pie. Wow, sad there is only a 🍰 emoji, what about pi puns!?!
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Friday 8/26/22

Reviewed event listeners and handlers, functions, key down and change events, and arrays and loops today! Finally clicked in my understanding of for…of and for…each which was more simple than my brain had decided it was. For…of to simply access the values of an array, for…ofEach if you need to access the index position and values of an array, simple!
Thanks to the amazing group of people at FEM, I was able to figure out what was wrong with my layout, which is that I was fixing the div sizes of my grid instead of the content-wrapper! Orienting more and more towards clean layouts everyday!
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Monday 8/29/22

I reviewed objects and methods and scope/context (let and const) today, and asked some clarifying questions on our Slack channel to really make sure that I'm getting it.
The FEM Slack channel blew me away by giving me this resource on using REMs vs Pixels with an extra special focus on what Zoom does in browsers, how altering the standard font size makes pages accessible, and how considering all layouts as changing spaces allows you to consider such silly ideas as using pixels for vertical but rems for horizontal margins and padding, oh my! It reeeaallly got me thinking, and I'm pretty excited to be in this very standardized but very creative field! I'll have to think more on his suggestion to make Media Queries in rems, whaaa???
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Tuesday 8/30/22

Today I reviewed factory functions, loops, and APIs. A lot of this stuff is sinking in better this second time around! With my review done next time you'll see me crack into my final big projects using Vanilla JS!
My grid component from FEM is FINALLY nearing completion! The FEM Slack channel reminded me to change my <button> to an a href because the "Sign Up" button would link to another page and not complete any on-page function which is more desirable for screen-reader navigation. However my margins became completely nonfunctional when I did this. I stuck the stylized a href in a div to style and that has done the trick. But I centered the button using flex in the div, and now the words in the button are smooshed in desktop mode. And I need to grock dropshadow better... But other than that, looking good!! eyebrow waggle
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McKenna Bramble

It seems like a lot of the things you are working on are starting to wrap up! How exciting!! It's great that loops are setting in for you. I just recently learned the syntax for a for statement and have been playing around with it. I was seeing it in a lot of code examples, so I finally googled it.

It has been YEARS since I watched So I Married an Axe Murderer! Is it still as good as I remember it?

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Tauri StClaire

Phew, this loop stuff is 💦! This is REALLY helpful, thank you @mckennabramble !

Yes, it was still hilarious. 😂 I love his spoken word! 🎵 She stole my heart and my CAT!