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Tauri StClaire
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From Front Desk to Front End p.24 Making Progress After a Long Break

The above is an IRL photo of me crawling over some rocks
Credit to Sara Mazhar

After my last entry, my February got even MORE crazy y'all!!
Once again, I've been a liiiittle more active on my LinkedIn than here.
I shared a post about my amazing Grandma who passed of complications related to her stroke, and for this reason primarily I was home for the last two weeks of Feb. I also got sick AGAIN, and am in the midst of sorting through with my doctors what looks to be hypercalcemia (too much calcium)! I know, I haven't heard of it either! But I feel especially silly about all this bc I have some training in nutrition, and an overview of my supplements and what I eat probably would've indicated the imbalance... I'm just happy we have something to work with here!!

What I primarily worked on is getting my porfolio up to professional grade status, with the amazing feedback of my mentors as Skillcrush.

I am also taking some time to review my class in React to get my engines revving again! I feel like this is necessary BEFORE I start launching into the job search and project mode.

I hosted a How to Study webinar for students with our Content Creator Julianne who is an avid language learner documenting her journies as Leafling Learns! It was WONDERFUL! Big take away being that everyone is different, and the only way you're going to find out what works for you is reckless experimentation (as Julianne calls it ❤️) and a hefty amount of self-compassion.

I'm embracing my own advice and not being daunted about how it's slowing down my tangible progress to be focusing on review right now (critical step to learning!), because I know I'll be stronger for it.

So not a lot more to SEE here, but my brain is like 💪💥

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